Flyer Music’s Valentine’s Day Love Guide.


Here at the Flyer music desk, we put together this musical Love Guide to get you through the big one: Valentine's Day. If you do not find love, your genetic material may not be passed on to the next generation. Let the Flyer music desk increase the odds of your progeny succeeding in the competive world of reproduction. Bust out these jams and you are guaranteed to count your offspring like the stars in the sky. Good luck paying for all that. 

No matter where you are in a relationship, it's always a good idea to start talking about your feelings. Getting love started by breaking into Morris Albert's "Feelings" is a tried-and-true love-generating tactic. 

If you succeeded where so many others have (by breaking into the song "Feelings" at a fancy restaurant) then things get much simpler. Just ask Paul Anka. A woman is going to have his baby. Apprarently she's off-screen (1:24). 

Once you have succeeded in the world of love like America's Cowboy, Paul Anka, you may have trouble sorting through your feelings beyond what Morris Albert was able to teach us through his song "Feelings." Don't worry. There was a band called Survivor, and they specialized in exactly this sort of thing.

If you read all of this and taken it to your heart of hearts of hearts, we're certain that you'll soon be spending your days picking up your triplets from the principal's office again with the confident look of Love Success written all over your tired, tired face.

You're welcome.


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