Gonerfest 11: Partial Lineup Announced



Gonerfest announced some of the acts booked for the 11th edition of the garage-rock festival, which will be held September 25-28th. There are more acts to come, but this is a good start. There's a Spotify playlist and some Soundcloud links below. We'll have more as the lineup grows. Get tickets here.

Len Bright Combo (UK)
The Gizmos (IN)
The Rebel (UK)
Ausmuteants (AUS)
Nots (Memphis)
Grifters (TN)
So Cow (IE)
Radioactivity (TX)
Angie (AU)
Terry & Louie (OR/LA)
Spray Paint (TX)
Sick Thoughts (MA)
Cool Runnings (NZ)

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