Tyler Keith and Jack O on Beale Friday Evening


BullyRook: Tyler Keith & the Apostles w/ Unwed Teenage Mothers @ the Blind Pig &emdash; Tyler Keith & the Apostles

Lordamighty. Goner is hosting its Beale Street Takeover this evening in Handy Park. Nots plays at 6, Jack O at 7, and Tyler Keith at 8. Keith is an Oxford-based rocker who is two decades into an immaculately cool career. He played with Oxford punk institution the Cooters and has led his own bands the Neckbones, the Preachers' Kids, and the Apostles. He's not up here as much as we'd like. So get down there tonight and go hear him. Also, here is a bad-arse documentary on milk that he directed. Dude is the real deal. (photo by the lovely and talented Don Perry)

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