Little Teal Dress


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Justin Fox Burks

I'm not going to lie: I first noticed Stevie Phillips because of her great haircut.

We were at the Memphis Music Foundation's anniversary party, and there were so many people there, and they were so close together, that it was kind of hard to see people's outfits.

But the sea of people parted and we spotted Phillips' v-neck teal dress from Sachi in Laurelwood.

First of all, the color is just gorgeous. The dress has some muted detailing down the front, which adds an element of visual interest but doesn't overpower the delicate trim at the neck or the thin belted waist.

Phillips is also carrying a purse she got for $6 at an estate sale.

"I'm not afraid to match things that wouldn't ordinarily go together," she says. "I experiment a lot."


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