In the Swim




Justin Fox Burks

The day we caught up with 22-year-old Chelsea Day was the first time she had worn this breezy aquamarine ... dress? shirt? thing?

"My best friend gave this to me last year," she says. "She used to wear it as a bathing suit cover-up. She's like 7 feet tall and she said this would be a good dress on you."

Memphis, this is what we're talking about: Unique, personal style, where you can wear a dress as a bathing suit cover-up, or a bathing-suit cover-up as a dress.

We liked the color and the scalloped edges with the floral embroidery. It's just so ... fluttery (is that a word?) and easy. The sides have two small slits that caught the breeze, and the day we met Day, it was — is this not the refrain of this blog or what? — stiflingly hot, so any breeze catching was very welcome.


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