Refind, Reuse, Recycle


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Justin Fox Burks

Melissa Jouskey told me that she's had this cute brown print sundress for years.

"I found some stuff in a box," she said.

When I asked her about her necklace, she said she's had that for years, too, but that people always comment on it. (It's true; I did!)

"I just keep refinding my stuff," Jouskey said.

Not a bad philosophy. I'm tempted to put some of my stuff in a box, just so I can find it again. Of course, chances are I'd put it in a box, forget about it, and give it to Goodwill by accident.

I'd also like to point out her very cute accessory, 5-year-old Killian. (Yes, people, I know animals are not accessories. But she is cute.)



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