Sister Swap




Justin Fox Burks

We also ran into Majestic Grille owner Deni Reilly last night, looking just as cute as ever. I always comment on her jewelry, but I won't here because, well, have you seen the Orla Kiely bag?

I love how the strap of her bag -- in the company's signature pattern -- echoes the color of her top from Muse.

The white jacket she got out of her sister's closet in D.C. -- "It's vintage," she says.

I had to ask: Does your sister know you took her vintage jacket? B/c I've got sisters. And I know that sometimes you get things from them, and sometimes you just take them. (Or maybe that's just me.)

"She knows," she says. "I brought her a whole bag of shoes. It was a wardrobe swap. You've got to do those things when you have a sister."

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