Thrift Score




Justin Fox Burks

When I asked Donya Humphrey what she was wearing, she said sheephisly, "I don't know."

"You don't know?" I was intrigued.

"I got it at a thrift store," she said.

It turns out Humphrey is something of a thrift store expert. Which sort of explains how she could find a smocked-bodice maxi dress — something very big this summer — at a thrift store.

That's not a knock on thrift stores; it's just sometimes you have to work to find the good stuff.

"With thrift stores," she says, "you could be in there for hours. I can do one in 30 minutes."

Her secret?

"I skim. I look for colors or prints I like. You either look at the top of the rack or the bottom," she says. "Sometimes the stuff falls off the hangers so it's good to look at the bottom."

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