Southern Seersucker




Justin Fox Burks

A quick wikipedia search about seersucker revels this: "The word came into English from Hindi, which originates from the Persian words 'shir o shekar,' meaning 'milk and sugar,' probably from the resemblance of its smooth and rough stripes to the smooth surface of milk and bumpy texture of sugar."

I'm sorry, if I liked seersucker before, the etymology alone makes me love it.

Craig Cardwell bought this seersucker suit for his daughter's wedding several years ago.

"I always wanted one," he says of the suit. "This is Memphis. You wear cotton."

His wife, Margaret, is also in cotton, with this cute shirtdress.

"I love plaid," she says. "Some people might say it's a throwback to preppy, but I was wearing it before it was preppy."

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