Best of the POPS! part two



Speaking of shoes that POP!, look at these.


Justin Fox Burks

And in this particular case, I actually got some information about them (though I'm sure through no fault of my own).

"Everything I'm wearing is ancient and put together at the last minute," Emily Halpern told me. "I wore black because I wanted to be understated."

The top came from Sachi, while the jean jacket is from the Gap. Those were paired with Uniqlo jeans and red Calvin Klein heels.

"It was fairly monochromatic until I added the shoes," she says.

They add a nice POP!, no?

Halpern also mentions a rule of fashion: Keep the classics in your closet, even after they've gone out of style. Her jean jacket, for instance, is about six years old.

"I like to hold onto things. For a while, they might not look good, but after some time, they work."


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