The COGIC Brilliance



This week, Justin got himself an all access pass to the 102nd COGIC convention, and, quite possibly, the last in Memphis. Though the church is headquartered in Memphis, and has been holding its Holy Convocation here for more than a 100 years, next year it will move to St. Louis.

With that, Memphis will lose its access to fabulous November fashion. I mean, let's be honest, the convention is known as much for hats as its economic impact or spiritual message.

So the other day, Justin let me tag along with him. Unfortunately, it was mid-morning and there weren't that many hats out and about, but on the other hand, a lot of the outfits sparkled in the mid-morning sun. There were diamonds and rhinestones, iridescent fabrics, beads, sequins, jewelry. Take Shelia Sewell's outfit, for example.



She was wearing a cream-colored three-piece skirt suit in lace. But her leopard print hat includes a big satin bow and a rhinestone trim.

And her jacket clasp is completely inlaid with rhinestones, as well. Which matches her necklace and earrings.




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