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This week, Americans young and old will celebrate my favorite holiday in November: Black Friday.

Sure, Thanksgiving has its high points: spending time with family, giving thanks for your blessings, watching everyone jump a little as you lower the turkey into the fryer and a little oil spits out and threatens to burn the whole place down.

But if Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and mediation (and sleeping, I cannot forget the sleeping), Black Friday is a time of energy and excitement. It's a time of deals and bargains (I noticed even Target is getting into door-busters this year). It's a time of adventure. Plus, People of Walmart should get plenty of new material.

Closer to Style Sessions' little heart are the locals, and even they're celebrating this year.

Eye-Con, located on Union Avenue, is having an All Black event on Black Friday — 30 percent off anything and everything in black. How fun!


Over at Lansky 126 inside the Peabody, former Memphian Rebecca Belz will be debuting her latest Becca Belz jewelry collection from 3 to 7 p.m. Friday afternoon.

Her signature pieces include chains, stones, and clustered pearls and can be worn with jeans or with a cocktail dress.



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