The Lansky Way


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Part of Beale Street has been renamed in honor of one of our favorite Memphis retailers, Bernard J. Lansky.


Of course you may know him as the "clothier to the King," for his special relationship with Elvis Presley, but at 82 years old, he still works seven days a week.

I interviewed him several years ago and he was just as sweet as he could be. He told me all about Elvis wanting to buy him out and gold lame and all sorts of things.

"There were very few things he would turn down," Lansky said. "I had an idea that he would look good in pink and black. That was one of my ideas. I put him in a pink coat and a black pair of pants — he was sharp. Everyone else was wearing white and black, and I pushed that pink on him and it blew their minds. It was dynamite."

To read more from that story, click here.

The store has since relocated to the Peabody Hotel, a block away from its original location, and Lansky and his family serve as a liaison to tourists from all over the world.

(Sidenote: Bernard's granddaughter Julie is also awesome, and if you're among the younger set and you're looking for something to wear, go visit her at Lansky 126.)


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