A Splash of Orange


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What did we say about suits yesterday? Three outfits in one? Here's another outfit that proves the math.

This pencil skirt is from Banana Republic and has a jacket that goes with it. Only that's not what Elizabeth is wearing with it.


The sweater is also from Banana Republic, and Elizabeth got it from Garbo's "for about $8!"

"The boots were an unexpected purchase for me by my husband, and the tights are patterned and gray, because as I have said, gray goes with everything," she says.

I have to say, Elizabeth wears orange better than anyone else I know. Orange, to me, is one of those tricky colors, like yellow or lavender, that people sometime shy away from. Elizabeth wears it often enough that I think of it as "an Elizabeth color" and it never looks garish or young when she does it. It always looks sophisticated.

Her advice for wearing orange: wear a slightly muted version — not UT orange — and wear it with neutrals.

"I only wear orange with black if I have a third color along with it to tone it down, such as the orange dress with black boots, also worn with a gray sweater," she says. "Also, try to be aware of the tones of colors that you wear — a less saturated orange (or lavender or yellow) will be easier to wear."


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