Don't Mess With Texas


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Sarah says she felt obligated to get some cowboy boots, what with being from Texas and all.

She got these at ... one guess ... Buffalo Exchange, a thrift store I'm thinking might be worth a visit to Austin.


I know it's a little late for scarves (these photos were taken during a colder part of spring called, um, winter), but this is one of American Apparel's circle scarves.

The coat, from Free People, has a great half-length sleeve that I love with the layering.

"I wish the inside was visible," Sarah says, "because it is blue silk with a gray unicorn on it."

(In that case, I wish the inside was visible, too!)

Underneath, she is wearing a pair of patterned tights from Target, a pair of jean shorts that she made out of her dad's old jeans, and a striped shirt from the DAV on Summer.

"Stripes are so fun to wear and this shirt is perfect because it is so classic," Sarah says. "It fits into so many different styles from nautical to grunge."

I love the way this could be a summer outfit very easily, just ditch the tights and outwear and trade the boots for the pair of sandals Sarah wore earlier in the week.

I also love the way Sarah layers layers on top of layers. It's hip and it can be so helpful in those weather transition weeks, when the morning is one season and the afternoon is completely another.

Thanks again to this week's Fashion Plate Sarah Knowles, and to whoever the wonderful person was who took her picture.

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