Mrs. Post Opens



Allow me introduce you to Mrs. Post.

Sounding like the old-school manners it will no doubt inspire you to adopt, Mrs. Post is a wonderful new stationery and gift shop in Chickasaw Oaks.

Proprietors Lindsey Cross and Natalie Chang have both been on the wholesale side of stationery for a while, but after being introduced by a wedding coordinator — the own personal matchmaker — they decided to become business partners.

"We were ready for a change," Cross says. "It's fun. Everyone is in a happy mood when they're buying wedding invitations or new stationary."

At least part of the stationary is printed locally, and the shop does customizations on-site.

We hit the grand opening last night and found it to be cute beyond words.

See? There were notes from Jonathan Adler ...


and these little gift cards.


Letterpress greeting cards.


Baby tees and cute little booties.


There were even cupcakes made by Cross and Chang themselves.


"We're young, and we didn't want anything stuffy," Cross says. "We wanted to have fun with it, and I think we've done that."

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