Working for the Weekend



The time has come for Memphis Fashion Weekend!

The big to-do benefiting ArtsMemphis begins tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. at Jack Robinson Gallery, where the first fashion show will showcase spring wear from Ellis Dixon, Carol Peretz, and Philosophy.

Come back Saturday night at 7 p.m. for the second show, this time at the newly re-purposed space upstairs at A. Schwab, and gaze upon the newest lines from Annie Griffin, Billy Reid, What Goes Around Comes Around, and Neil Bieff.

But if you find yourself on South Main tomorrow without a ticket, don't fret! Not only will we be covering the event here at Style Sessions, there's also a delightful little detour you can take for a casual, sandy retreat: That's right, Le Saispas Vintage and Hoot + Louise are having a beach party.


Kristin Irène Young of Le Saispas has enumerated the excitements and enticements for us. They include:

- New and vintage spring/summer clothing!
- Drinks with the little umbrellas!
- Fondue!
- Whatever happens!

We're sold. Now you have no excuse to stay in on Friday.

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