Magnetic Nail Polish!?



Today, my dear coworker and nail polish savant Bianca introduced me to magnetic nail polish.

The future is now.
  • The future is now.

Am I the only one who was not aware of such a thing? How long have you all been using this eighth wonder of the world behind my back?

Contrary to Bianca's hopes, this nail polish does not make your nails magnetic. (Did Bianca figure this out only after painting her nails and trying to pick up metal objects with them? We'll never tell. Yes.)

What this nail polish does do is create all kinds of cool waves on your fingernails. Behold:

Here's how it works: First, you paint one nail with the polish.
Then, as quickly as possible, you hold the magnet (built into the top of the bottle) directly over the nail for 15 seconds.
And, voila! Science is magic.

Bianca got her bottle of Magnetic Force at Delia's, but a quick internet search revealed a number of different brands out there, just waiting to bring joy into your sad, non-magnetic life. Enjoy!

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