Street Style: Amanda's Superbly Simple Look


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It could have been the sparkle of the crystals glimmering from her necklace that drew my eye. Or the bright-red bag swinging as she walked.

I try to dissect the elements of Amanda's outfit, mostly focusing on how she could wear a basic white tee and look so superb. But I start to see that I’m losing the whole picture.

It wasn’t one key piece or even the ensemble. It was her energetic presence that pulled everything together.


Traveling through Memphis on business, Amanda exuded high energy. Her outfit: comfortable, professional, and feminine all at the same time. The T-shirt and fitted black pants are closet essentials that she pulls together with some key accessories and classic hair and make-up.

Though I still want to credit her overall look to her unique presence, I have to gaze at that necklace again and just say “wow.”

Shopping Details:
Brass and hand set crystal necklace, We Dream in Colour. Bag, Boden.

(photographed in Harbor Town)



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