Ginnifer Goodwin Does W




My daughter and Hollywood star Ginnifer Goodwin went to high school together at Lausanne Collegiate School back in the late '90s. Ginnifer was a couple of years ahead of Mary, and my daughter later transferred to Ridgeway, but they were in a play together, Grease, I think. Ginnifer had the lead; Mary was in the chorus. I remember thinking at the time, that that Goodwin girl really had a spark of talent. Hollywood agreed, as evidenced by her blossoming movie career and recurring role on HBO's Big Love.

Throughout her career, Goodwin has been cast mostly as the ingenue, the sweet cheated-upon wife, an innocent among wolves. She was a cover girl for Memphis Magazine last year, and few months back the Flyer interviewed her when she returned to speak at her alma mater, Lausanne. She assured writer Shara Clark that she was "just like you." And we believed her — until we saw this month's W magazine. Yowsah. The cover is spankin' naughty, but the pics inside are almost creepy weird. She's come a long way from Memphis, that girl.


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