The Real Houseflies of Orange County



So yeah, I've been slowly lured into the sticky briarpatch of Twitter lately. And to make it even worse, colleague Chris Davis introduced me to Tweetdeck, an application that quintuples (at least) the fun. You can set up search boxes that let you know whenever anyone Twitters about a subject you're interested in (like yourself, or in my case, my son's band, The Memphis Flyer, etc.). It's nuts and a constant diversion if you don't turn it off once in awhile.


For the past two days, Davis has gotten involved in Twitterfests with subject lines such as: Bad Game Shows, Icky Reality Shows, Failed Westerns, etc. The idea is to come up with titles, i.e. Bad Game Shows: The Newly Dead Game, Wheel of Misfortune, The Bong Show, and — my favorite — Pittsburgh Squares.

Failed Westerns (many of these are from Davis) included: The Magnificent Number Two, A Fistful of Deloris, The Cavity Searchers, and Big Hand for the Little Labia.

Failed Reality Shows: The Real Houseflies of Orange County, SuperTranny, The Real World: Calcutta, America's Next Top, etc. etc. etc.

It's impossible to stop once you get started. So I hope you have nothing else to do this weekend. Send along your own and join the fun.

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