Sean Hannity Strikes Out



After the recent MLB All-Star game, Fox host Sean Hannity did a "closer look" at "Presidential Pitching" form (Hat tip to on his evening tripefest. As with almost everything on Hannity's show, the segment's primary aim was to disparage President Obama. On this occasion, Hannity made great sport of the fact that Obama "throws like a girl." To "prove" his point, Hannity flashed this image:


Ha, ha. See? Then, Hannity went on to show visually how the very manly George W. Bush, in contrast, pitched just like a major leaguer:


Hannity, probably rightfully, assumes his viewers will neither notice or care that the photos are taken a) at different stages of the pitch, and b) from completely different angles.

If you compare apples to apples, or in this case, prez to prez, George W. Bush also "throws like a girl."


Actually, as anyone knows who's ever seen pictures of major league pitchers in mid-throw, the elbow always precedes the hand as the arm passes the pitcher's head. So here's Hall of Famer Roger Clemens pitching like a girl.4f5e/1248622365-example_reversepitchingforearmbounce_rogerclemens_2007_050.jpg

What this really demonstrates, of course, is the obvious -- that Sean Hannity has no integrity whatsoever -- and no balls.

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