There's a Nap for That



I've been watching a lot of TV this weekend and it really made me happy to see that the iPhone folks are finally realizing the potential of the older demographic — i.e. we Boomers. In all their ads now, iPhone keeps reminding us that if we want to, say, share photos or listen to music or browse the net or check our email, "there's a nap for that."


This is true genius marketing. It really hits my generation where we live. It's that kind of insouciant ironic approach that we love. Sure, iPhone seems to be saying, we could check email or organize our photos or find Tokyo on a map or catch a cab or count calories or check ski conditions in Vail, but hell, what's the hurry? Relax. The iPhone will always be there later. Just take a nap!

I'm definitely getting one of those things! Right after my nap.

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