Deep Thoughts



We at the Flyer are taking a week off to recharge for the new year. But I have had some thoughts and perhaps you will enjoy them.

1. I think you should mentally say "That's what she said," after reading a fortune cookie fortune. "In bed" is so tired. Here's an example from a cookie I just ate: "A big surprise awaits you." See?

2. I keep hearing about Starry Nights... Starry Nights is wonderful. Starry Nights sucks. Etc. etc. I went today at lunch to see for myself. Not impressed.

3. I really wish the media would do some, you know, end of the decade, end of the year lists. That would
be cool.


4. Top 10 Reasons a Week Off at Christmas Rules: no alarm, pajamas, a morning fire, a second java pot, happy dogs, sunbeams on the floor, a big ol' Gibson guitar, thick socks, a quiet house, and rubbing it in when you see people who have to work.


5. The new Sherlock Holmes movie is cool, but loud. Robert Downey is impossible not to watch. Except if Rachel McAdams is around.


6. I made Paula Deen's green bean casserole for Christmas dinner and lived. Sweet butter of God!

7. I saw where some old lady tackled the Pope just short of a first down. The Vatican hasn't had a decent left tackle in years. Somebody needs to cover the pontiff's blind side. Who were they playing anyway, Little Sisters of the Poor? Oh wait ...

8. I should probably go back to being on vacation now.

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