Proposed TN Bill Will Gut Teaching of Evolution



I just received the following:

Dear Bruce,

As you probably know, House Bill 368—which allows teachers to critique such "controversial" theories as the theory of evolution—is coming up for a vote on March 16 in the general subcommittee of the House Education committee.

Although the bill also attacks global warming and human cloning, the primary aim of the bill's sponsor (Bill Dunn) is to gut the teaching of evolution in public schools.

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) is the leading organization that promotes and defends the teaching of evolution in the public schools. (You might have seen us covered in the Nova documentary "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial".) We've been involved in the issue for 25 years, and we're a ready resource should you need background information, access to independent science and policy experts (local and national), and more, on evolution, creationism/intelligent design, science education, science denial, or related topics—including the latest creationist attacks on global warming science. Well...don't hesitate to contact us!


Robert Luhn
Director of Communications
National Center for Science Education, Inc.

Well, actually, I didn't know that such a bill was being proposed. Am I surprised? No. Am I embarrassed for my state? Yes. Did Bill Dunn evolve from a monkey? Not so's you'd notice.


Where's Clarence Darrow when you need him?

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