Fullilove to Animal Activist: "So what?"



Memphis Animal Services has spawned another controversy. Fresh on the heels of the "suitcase dog" incident, which was followed by the "trash can puppies" brouhaha, comes this report from animal activist blog, YesBiscuit.

It seems activist Kim Venturo sent a long email to Memphis city councilwoman Janis Fullilove, detailing the recent problems at the Memphis Animal Services and suggesting numerous options for the shelter to consider as alternatives to killing the animals it houses. According to the website, Fullilove offered a two-word response to Venturo: "So what?"

Check out the reported exchange here.

UPDATE, 4:10 p.m., May 18 —
Mayor Wharton today issued a statement following a photo posted to the Internet from the Memphis Animal Shelter’s webcam that captured a still image of puppies being transported in a garbage can. “While this may be an isolated instance of poor judgment, we apologize for the perception this photo has created. Our webcam captures approximately 63,000 images each day or 2 million images per month. While we are not ignoring this single image, we can assure you our employees are well trained and compassionate. Further, we are looking into this matter. Should we conclude that disciplinary action is needed, we will take the appropriate action. The city of Memphis has made great improvements to the facility and will continue to do so,” said Mayor Wharton.

Memphis Animal Shelter’s euthanasia rate has decreased from 77.4% in 2010 to 73.1% currently. Additionally, adoption numbers are up. This time last year, 674 versus 950 thus far in 2011.

More information about our policies will be posted on our website at www.memphistn.gov and we will be responding to each email we receive.


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