Snow Day Provisions for Memphis




I bought gas at the Shell station at Belvedere and Union this morning on the way to work. When I went in to pay, the clerk smiled and said, "Are you ready for that snow?" I smirked, "yeah, right." She said, "People are crazy. We've already sold out of milk and it's only 8:00 o'clock."

Seriously, Memphis, what is the DEAL with buying milk before a predicted snow event? The forecast is for it to be 60 degrees by Wednesday, so it's not like we're going to be trapped in our houses by a blizzard for several days. And even if we were trapped, why the hell is MILK so important? It's one of the enduring Mysteries of Memphis.

I am seriously seeking answers, here, people. You may post your theories in the comment thread below. Also, please tell me what you would stockpile if we were truly facing a "blizzard." I'll start: A case of good red wine, 12 Linder orange/chocolate bars, several frozen pizzas, a couple bags of coffee, some good cheese, and lots of pasta.

Your turn ...

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