California Weed Wine



Who says American ingenuity is dead? Who says this country can't compete in the marketplace of ideas? Not me. Especially after reading the latest buzz (ahem) from California about pot-infused wine. Seems some vintners are putting a pound of marihoochie in wine barrels and letting it ferment with the grapey nectar, thereby creating a wine that offers a double-edged high. Thus far, it's not for sale, but how long before cash-strapped California legalizes the stuff? They're already taxing pot sales, after all.

Plus, let's not forget the potential for humor. They'll have to change Napa Valley to Nap Valley, for starters. And think of the blends that are possible: Pot-ite Syrah. Sauvignon Blunt. Pinot Grass. Cabernet Stonevignon. Sen Semilion. Zinfanduuude ...

Here's the story.


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