"Tennessee": Now the Punchline to Most National Jokes



Tennessee continues to draw derision and snark from media outlets around the country for our stalwart legislature's continued — and mostly successful — attempts to turn the Volunteer State into a well-armed, fundamentalist theocracy, kind of like Iran, only without the oil and with stupider leaders.

The latest bit of buffoonery is the "Gateway Sex" bill that Hannah Sayle wrote about a couple weeks ago. Its time in the spotlight has come — uh, come up — and political humor websites are having a field day with it — Including Wonkette.com.

All this would be a lot funnier if I didn't, you know, live here. And if we had someone, anyone, in the Republican Party with the stones to stand up to these latter-day Reverend Dimmesdales, someone who could, er, rise to the occasion, take the matter in hand, and find a solution. But I'm beat at this point. These guys find sex in everything.


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