Nothing Says "Prom" Like a Confederate Flag Dress



Up in Gibson County, Tennessee, they've got a confederate flag controversy going, but not the kind you usually hear about. Seems a local young lady, Texanna Edwards, got the idea to wear a confederate flag dress to her high school prom. A teacher advised her that was probably not a good idea and that she should clear her plan with the school principal, but Texanna, apparently a strong-willed sort of gal, ignored the advice and had a dress with the stars and bars especially made for that special night. Upon seeing the dress, school officials wouldn't allow her into the dance, and voila, a controversy that's now making national news.

Here's the Tennesseean story on the incident.

Hopefully, Texanna didn't spend a bunch of money on "heritage not hate" shoes to match. (I fully expect Tennessee's crack legislature to take up this vital issue before the week is out.)


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