Breaking: Obama Throws Football ... Or DOES HE???



Just when you think the Obama-birther madness can't go any deeper, comes a story today that Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has dispatched forces to Hawaii to demand President Obama's birth certificate. Ho hum, you say. Just another wacky waste of taxpayer money in wacky wingnut-riddled Arizona. Perhaps. And, well, of course.


Then there's this -- a freshly released White House photo of President Obama tossing a football. Typical PR fluff, you say. A trifle meant to enhance the prez's manly cred among the red-meat masses. Not so fast! What if it were PHOTO-SHOPPED!!?? Huh? Yep, a "pundit" over at the right-wing website Pundit Press has the real story. It's fake, because of some suspicious pixels and the fact that BO holds a football differently than he holds a baseball. Yes. This happened. Makes Arpaio look sane. Almost. Don't miss the comments, they're hilarious.

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