Memphis is Manly, Dammit!



Yes, it's yet another in the seemingly unending barrage of city rankings that spiral out onto the Internet these days. But, cheer up, Memphians. Today, we learn that the Bluff City is bad-ass! That's right, we're the THIRD-MANLIEST city in America.

Don't mess with us, other cities. We will kick your manicured butt! Especially you, 50th-ranked San Diego. And San Francisco, yeah, you too, with your 49th-ranked San Francisco wussiness.

So who's number one? Uh, Oklahoma City. Ooops, sorry, Grizzlies. Might be a long season next year.

Here's the latest silliness.

Memphis tough guy, Steven Seagal.
  • Memphis tough guy, Steven Seagal.

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