TN Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey Trashes Memphis Planned Parenthood



Memphis Planned Parenthood received an annual federal grant of $395,000 from the Department of Health and Human Services to continue its work in women's healthcare and reproductive counseling. The following is the official response from Tennesee's Governor, er, ooops, Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey:

The Tennessee General Assembly

Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey made the following statement after the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced plans to give an annual grant of $395,000 to Planned Parenthood Memphis:

"By funneling federal tax dollars to abortion providers in Tennessee, Barack Obama has proven once again why he needs to be defeated for a second term. Tennessee has taken a stand against Planned Parenthood's pro-abortion shell game and defunded these organizations for a reason.

This money is a clear attempt to subvert the actions of state government and prop up a culture of death on the decline. The need for pro-life leadership in the White House has never been stronger."

I, for one, would like to see the voters of Tennessee defund this goober — who props up a culture of intelligence on the decline — from his cushy government job. I also wouldn't mind seeing what his second-in-command, Bill Haslam, has to say about the grant. But maybe I'm just a masochist.

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