Flyer Office Gecko Now in Captivity



Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous reports in the Flyer office of a mysterious "lizard" roaming the halls — and desks and cubicles. Those who have seen him swear he's real. Those who haven't seen him think their co-workers are delusional.

This morning, I arrived early and headed back to the breakroom with an empty mug, planning to make a little coffee. Imagine my surprise when I looked down and saw this little fellow (lady?) slithering along the baseboard.


After a prolonged struggle, I was able to subdue the creature and get him into my mug. I plan to release him back into the wilds of our office later today, because if lizards run free, why can't we?

UPDATE: Several co-workers who saw "the" lizard earlier have told me that the beast they saw was much larger, perhaps 5 inches in length, leading me to believe that there is a reproducing family of geckos living among us.

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