Donation Account Set Up for Officer Lang's Family



I just received this email from Harold Byrd, president of the Bank of Bartlett. It was sent to various media outlets.

Officer Martoiya Lang and her children.
  • Officer Martoiya Lang and her children.

To Our Friends in the Media from Harold Byrd, President Bank of Bartlett

I was called today by a friend, Loren Smith, who is a teacher at Bon Lin Elementary School. One of Loren's prize pupils is Ms. Darian Lang, daughter of Policewoman Lang, who was senselessly slain today during a drug investigation.

Loren asked that we (Bank of Bartlett) set up an account in memory of Policewoman Lang in honor of her service and to benefit her family. And we gladly have complied with his request. Donations can be made at any of Bank of Bartlett's 8 locations and online at

Darian's grandmother, Mrs. Taylor, just called me to thank Loren who comforted Darian today.

May God be with this family an give comfort.

Amen to that. And may we all be generous and thoughtful during this horrific time for our city and nation. BV

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