Video of Steven Askew Shooting Scene Released



The video of what is apparently police officers on the scene at the officer-related shooting of Steven Askew has been released. As the Flyer has reported, Askew was shot in his car by two Memphis police officers, Ned Aufdenkamp and Matthew Dyess. Aufdenkamp has a troubled personnel file.

The official police reports states Askew was asleep and picked up his gun upon being awakened by the officers, who then shot him multiple times. Sources have told the Flyer the shots entered the car through the vehicle's rear and passenger side windows, and that Askew's seat was reclined.

After an investigation, the MPD cleared the officers of any wrong-doing. The Askew family is expected to issue a response to the investigation's finding later this week.

The video is below. Aufdenkamp is the officer in the brown jacket, nearest the camera.

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