The Onion Was Right About Miley Cyrus



Okay, I know I'm not the MTV Video Music Awards' target audience, but when the local twitterverse erupted with comments about the VMAs Sunday night, I turned the channel to check out the pre-show out of curiosity. What I saw was a bunch of phony-sounding young hosts interviewing a few phony-sounding young "artists" in front of non-subtle product placement set pieces. It was not enough to keep me from my Sunday night Ray Donovan routine.

Of course, now I know I missed the most important news story of the week: Miley Cyrus' (pick one ... or more) salacious, outrageous, funny, sad, pathetic, evocative, drug-addled, pornographic song and dance number.


I do not know if Miley Cyrus is just the latest in the entertainment media's production line of soon-to-be-burnt-out, drug-addled young music/screen stars, a la Lohan, Spears, Bynes, Bieber, Winehouse, etc., or whether she is skillfully, soberly, and purposefully being outrageous to enhance her career, a la Lady Gaga and Madonna before her. Nor do I particularly care. What Miley does musically does not entertain me, nor does she particularly want to do so, I suspect. I'm an old guy who likes his pop music to contain intelligent/pithy lyrics and melodic hooks. The occasional referance to honky-tonks, highways, booze, pot, and old dogs is also appreciated.

And something else entertains me: The, which back in 2008 got the Miley Cyrus story exactly right.

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