Sean Hannity, Come On Down!



Try as they might, the Onion can never outdo the Tennessee General Assembly when it comes to absurd political humor. I have long been jealous of the Nashville Scene's "Pith in the Wind" blog, mostly because it has to be the easiest blog to write in the history of blogging. Every damn day, when the Tennessee legislature is in session, some kind of nincompoopery is bound to happen. All they have to do is write it down, step back, and let the chuckles and web hits and hilarious comments flow in.


Even the characters' names are funny — Sheila Butts, May Beavers, Stacey Campfield, Curry Todd, Ron Ramsey — and better than any screenwriter could come up with.

So what are these clowns up to today? Well, since they've already solved our state's healthcare, employment, education, and budgetary problems, they've moved on to a resolution that invites Fox News' smirky nimrod Sean Hannity to move to Tennessee.

Yup. See? (The Onion is sooo pissed they didn't think of this.) It seems Sean is making blustery threats to move from New York, because liberal. He's apparently mentioned Florida or Texas as possible options, but Representative Andy Holt (R-Doofusville) proposed a resolution (promptly passed and moved out of committee) inviting Hannity to move to Tennessee.

It gets even stupider, but to be fair, you need to read the whole thing over at Pith in the Wind.

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