Memphis: How We Googled in 2014



The good folks at the Google sent us an interesting summary of the things that Memphis, well, googled in the past year. Here's what they told us ...

This morning, Google released its 14th annual Year in Search–an in-depth look at the stories, people, and topics that captured the world's attention this year. Our 2014 Year in Search Website provides hundreds of top-10 lists from 72 countries.

Google also looked at the most popular local terms searched in various cities and states. Below please find the Top Trending Searches and News/Events for your State’s city and the Top Trending Questions that Memphis, TN needed to know (they were chosen as the Tennessee city because it’s the largest sample size).

Top-10 trending Searches in Memphis:

1. Ebola

2. Robin Williams

3. World Cup

4. Black Friday 2014

5. Joan Rivers

6. Philip Seymour Hoffman

7. Flappy Bird

8. Tracy Morgan

9. Donald Sterling

10. Ray Rice

Top-10 trending news events for Memphis:

1. Ebola

2. Black Friday 2014

3. World Cup 2014

4. Ferguson

5. Thanksgiving 2014

6. Super Bowl 2014

7. Oscars 2014

8. Labor Day 2014

9. Isis

10. Malaysia Airlines

Top-10 trending people searches for Memphis:

1. Robin Williams

2. Joan Rivers

3. Philip Seymour Hoffman

4. Tracy Morgan

5. Maya Angelou

6. Donald Sterling

7. James Avery

8. Solange Knowles

9. August Alsina

10. Paul George

Top-10 Trending "What is…" questions for Memphis:

1. What is euthanasia?

2. What is corian?

3. What is temperament?

4. What is tryptophan?

5. What is love?

6. What is pico?

7. What is DSL?

8. What is versitis?

9. What is Easter?

10. What is diverticulutis?

Top-10 trending "How To…" questions for Memphis:

1. How to twerk

2. How to whistle

3. How to swim

4. How to weld

5. How to sing

6. How to twerk

7. How to sandbox

8. How to knit

9. How to pronounce

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