How They See Us, Chowda’ Edition


Lars Trodson, a columnist for a small New England newspaper, visited Memphis for the first time last weekend. Impressed by our Southern charm, Tiger passion, and kick-ass barbecue, Trodson wrote about the trip in his latest online column.

“Memphis wasn’t crowded on this late Friday morning — in fact it never seemed crowded. The architecture was an unsurprising mix of old and new, but you could immediately tell the city was in the beginnings of a renaissance. One building had been refurbished beautifully, and the one right next door was blasted out — looking forlorn and abandoned. It wasn’t as though sections of the city were like this: one gentrified, the next section not. It seemed almost as though the renovation was happening one careful project at a time. But rather than making the city look misbegotten or rundown, it had a funky feel to it. Lived in; real.”

Read the rest of his column here.

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