Logan Young Found Murdered



Logan Young, an Alabama booster convicted of bribing a high school football coach to get a top recruit for the Crimson Tide, was found dead this morning in his Memphis home. Police are investigating it as a homicide.

Police hadn't yet confirmed the body was that of Logan Young, but his defense attorney said it was the Alabama booster.

Memphis Police Sergeant Vince Higgins said, "We're treating it as a mystery homicide."

Higgins said officials assume the victim was Young but needed to use fingerprints and dental records to confirm the identity.

Defense attorney Jim Neal says he had been told the body was found by a housekeeper. Reached at his Nashville office, Neal said he received two or three calls about it and they all said Young was found "killed in his home."

Young was 65.

He was free on bond while his lawyers appealed his conviction for peddling the talents of defensive lineman Albert Means.

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