Elvis & Ali

Bloomberg.com reports that CKX has bought the rights to Muhammad Ali’s likeness, name, and image for $50 million. CKX is Robert Sillerman’s media company, which has a similar deal with Elvis Presley Enterprises. Read the Bloomberg story here.

Elvis and Ali apparently knew each other, according to this undated Ali quote from the Elvis Information Network: “Elvis was my close personal friend. He came to my Deer Lake training camp about two years before he died. He told us he didn't want nobody to bother us. He wanted peace and quiet and I gave him a cabin in my camp and nobody even knew it. When the cameras started watching me train, he was up on the hill sleeping in the cabin. Elvis had a robe made for me. I don't admire nobody, but Elvis Presley was the sweetest, most humble and nicest man you'd want to know.”

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