Wendi Update



The Baltimore City Paper (that city's alternative newsweekly) has more scoop on the Wendi Thomas saga by writer Gadi Dechter.

Apparently, the Memphis return trip came as a complete surprise to the Sun's editor and staff. In fact, Thomas' first column for the Sun was set to debut tomorrow.

A copy of the now-never-to-be-published piece was given to City Paper. Some choice excerpts: "Nearly a month ago, I left Memphis, the city in which I grew up, the city where my parents and boyfriend still live, to take this job. I left behind a city and a state that I know all too well, and a great gig as a columnist there, to opine about a city and a region I barely know at all. I left behind the easy eating of pulled pork barbecue to work for my dinner, hammering out the white goodness in steamed crabs. And sometimes, I wonder if I left my good sense somewhere between the River City and Charm City."

No comment. Well, okay, one comment: That "white goodness" line is icky.

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