Uri Geller Wants Elvis’ House



Famed spoon-bender/psychic/Elvis fan Uri Geller hopes to be the new owner of the first house Elvis bought in Memphis, now for sale on eBay. Geller owns a collection of Elvis memorabilia that he wants to exhibit in the Elvis pad.

"It will have all the bizarre things that Elvis Presley believed in," including his fascination with UFOs, Geller told Reuters. "He was ahead of his time."

Presley lived in the house for 13 months with his parents before moving to Graceland. The property features a swimming pool and the hallway showcases musical note themed wallpaper from 1956, according to the online listing.

Geller faced a setback on Friday when his $300,000 bid for the property was topped by someone willing to pay $300,100. The auction ends May 14. More here.

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