American Idol Update: Lisa Marie Shows Up; Daughtry Goes Down



Lisa Marie finally showed up in footage from Graceland that was shown in Wednesday night’s Elvis-week “results” show. She was shown driving the four would-be Idols around the grounds in a go-cart. One of them, the favorite for lo these many weeks — Chris Daughtry — lost the contest for viewer votes and was, in the words of “Suspicious Minds,” his exit song, “caught in a trap.”

Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, and Elliott Yamin (pictured) are the remaining finalists. Yamin, who has had a dramatic rise of late, is the underdog — a high school dropout, product of a broken home, deaf in one ear, a diabetic, little, nerdy, and nervous. But, as judge Randy Jackson puts it, “This boy can sing!”

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