Looking for a Lustron?



Want to live in a completely maintenance-free home, without any worries about painting, or termites, or roofing? Well, you might consider the Lustron home that is now for rent at 2399 Eastwood, just off East Parkway.

In the late 1940s, the Lustron Corporation developed a line of all-metal houses, in four basic designs. The exterior wall, interior walls, and even the roof of these unusual structures were actually constructed of porcelain-coated metal panels, and assembled on the spot. The porcelain was tinted, so no painting inside or out. Because the panels were hollow, the house was well-insulated, and the only drawback — so original owners reported — was hanging pictures inside (solution: hooks with magnets). Labor troubles and other difficulties, however, soon put the company out of business.

The homes were sold in kits all over the country, and in 1949 were offered at the Mid-South Fair. Four of them were constructed in Memphis in 1950, but only two now remain — the one for rent on Eastwood, and another one on Charleswood in the High Point Terrace area.

If you’d like to live in a Lustron home, ask for Billy at 461-4455. And for more information about Lustrons, go here.

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