Lamar Sorrento Gets Famous



"I could sell them for more, but I wouldn't sell as many," he said. "I've sold a lot of paintings to people who never bought art because they couldn't afford it. By now, I've probably done 10,000 paintings. The way I look at it, every time I paint one, I gotta be getting better. It took me forever to learn how to paint people's noses. I still don't have any idea how to paint a person with a hat on. It throws me completely for a loop. Johnny Cash is hard to paint. When he died, people all over Memphis were painting Johnny Cash. Every time somebody dies, there's a rash of that crap. ...

Memphis' iconic folk artist Lamar Sorrento gets the star treatment in this Chicago Sun-Times story. Way to go, Lamar! Learn more about a Memphis original here.

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