Isaac Hayes III Making a Name for Himself



Atlanta's alt weekly Creative Loafing profiles "Ike Dirty" aka Isaac Hayes III this week. Is he a chip off the ol' Shaft? Sounds like it:

"If your pop has been a famous Chef, and you have been known to be a satanic hoagie, can you really say, 'Like father, like son?' Maybe not. But Atlantan Ike Dirty -- also known as Isaac Hayes III, son of the musical legend -- is starting to at least dance around his father's footsteps.

"The elder Hayes retired from his part as Chef on South Park last year in the midst of the Tom Cruise/Scientology episode flap, and he was given a gruesome animated death unlike anything Kenny's ever seen (and Kenny's died a whole lot). But Dirty will reprise his role as Broomwich, the evil sandwich from hell, on the film and video game currently in production for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, an animated cult program on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. He also does voice-overs for commercials and co-hosts an online radio program ( that has fun with life in urban Atlanta.

Get the whole Dirty story.

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