Greening Greater Memphis is Home Run



Who'd have thought something with "green" and "manifesto" in it would be the year's most popular slogan so far?

Well over 1,000 people showed up the Greening Greater Memphis program Thursday at Memphis Botanic Gardens to hear parks consultant Alex Garvin and other speakers talk about bike trails, parks, and walking paths. Many of them signed posters with the "Greening Greater Memphis Manifesto" printed on them. Hundreds of other stood throughout the speeches and others were turned away.

Garvin was the main speaker. He is the consultant from New York for Shelby Farms. The program was presented by Smart City Memphis, the Wolf River Conservancy, the Sierra Club, and Leadership Memphis.

Politicians take note (and those attending included mayors Wharton and Herenton): a Memphians-first approach to parks improvements that are safe and sustainable, as Garvin emphasized, looks like a winner in this election year.

--John Branston

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