Mississippi Pelican Saved by Rescue Group



This is Bobby, an American White Pelican who was unable to fly or migrate because of an old wing injury. When his bill pouch was damaged, the Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation group provided him with a safe place to recover.

Adult A.W. Pelicans are one of the largest of the eight true species of pelicans with a wingspan of 8 to 9.5 feet.

The American White Pelican is different because it does not drop from great heights to catch its prey, but floats and scoops up fish with its enormous bill. Several pelicans may fish cooperatively, moving into a circle to concentrate the fish, then dipping their heads under simultaneously to eat.

MWR needs volunteers for this spring's baby season. For more information call 662-429-5105 or visit the group's website. They have lots more cool pictures of rescued animals, as well.

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